ARO- Two stage RO water treatment




ARO- Two stage RO water treatment

  • This system occupy little space, easy to operate, wide application range.

  • When used for disposing industrial water, the reverse osmosis device does not consume large amounts of acids and alkalis, and there is no secondary pollution. In addition, its operation cost is also low.

  • Reverse osmosis desalting rate≥99%, machine desalting rate≥97%. 98% of organic matters, colloids and bacteria can be removed.

  • Finished water under good electric conductivity, one stage≤10μs/cm, two stage around 2-3μs/cm, EDI≤0.5μs/cm (base on raw water ≤300μs/cm)

  • High operation automation degree. It is unattended. The machine will automatically stop in case of water sufficiency and automatically start in case of no water. Timed flushing of front filtering materials by automatic controller.Automatic flushing of reverse osmosis film by IC microcomputer controller.Online display of raw water and pure water electric conductivity.

  • Imported parts account for over 90%.

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