Inkjet Printer



Inkjet Printer

  • Printing character types: Arabic numerals, English, Chinese, graphics, trademarks, etc.

Printing functions :
  • Display and printing of sequence No., batch No., shift No. and product count;
  • Display and printing of date scheduling, real-time clock automatic change;
  • Information delayed printing, information repetitive storage and printing;
  • Printing of reverse and inverted characters;
  • Printing of characters thickened and widened by 1-9 times;
  • Free adjustment of character height and width.

  • The nozzle has stable ink jetting pressure, and setting, automatic detection and adjustment can be carried out.
  • The advanced ink viscosity measuring device and accurate control software ensure long-term constant ink viscosity.
  • The unique phase detection circuit and software are adopted to ensure printing quality under various environments.

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