ALM- Semi Auto Round Bottle Labeling Machine


  • This model is applicable to label cylinder bottles for daily chemicals,beverages,pharmaceuticals and other industries.

  • Touch screen operation,a truly human-machine comm.unication system is easy to learn and simple to manage.

  • Label delivery machnism can be 8 dimentionally adjusted, It's simple and quick to make adjustment for product size changes.

  • Powred solt rollers ensure labeling quality.Air cylinder mechanisms ensure labeling accuracy.

  • Specialsed for cylinder bottle ladeling. High accuracy and bubble-free on repeated labeling.

  • High-precise positioning sensors can appoint accurate labeling position at anywhere of the product.

  • Reciprocating air cylinder positioning mechanism can label accurately at desired location of products. Each run can stiskeither one or two tables.

  • It is suitable for cylinder bottles with symmetrical front and back labeling.

  • Connection to production lines can be made to customers requirements.

  • We can also add automatic feeding facility to machinery in accordance with customers special requests.

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